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Environment & Planning

Our lawyers are recognised for their experience and strong understanding across the areas of planning and environmental law.  Our approach is to secure a positive outcome for our clients.  This is critical to resolving any complex issues in the context of strategic transactions, obtaining environment, planning and other regulatory authorisations, managing environmental risks, resolving environment and planning disputes and dealing with regulators.


Our experience and expertise in environment and planning matters enables us to offer a complete range of services, from advice with regard to the interpretation and application of planning instruments, development control plans and policies, to representation in complex litigation matters.


Our lawyers have extensive experience in providing environmental, planning and heritage advice to various local and state government authorities, energy providers, the mining industry, the transport industry, the food industry, the water industry, developers, business owners and private clients.

Local Government

Our lawyers have represented local government organisations and undertaken work for private clients in relation to local government matters over many years. We have a strong and detailed knowledge of the operations of local government and the environment in which it operates.  This has included acting with respect to the purchase and sale of property, leases, licences, private partnerships and other rights and interests.


Our lawyers have prepared detailed advices on the operation and effect of the Local Government Act and associated Acts and Regulations. They have also acted for various Councils and clients in the Local Court, District Court and the Land and Environment Court with respect to non-compliance and breaches of the local government laws and regulations.


We also provide advice with regard to the interpretation and application of planning instruments, development control plans and policies and in relation to matters pertaining to land including contamination, flooding and with respect to improvements thereon including heritage, conservation and existing use rights.


Our relevant experience includes advising on the following matters:


  • Access to information

  • Delegation of authority

  • Corporate Governance

  • Code of Conduct

  • Civil liability

  • Tenders & Contracts

  • Land Management

  • Notices and Orders

  • Infringements & prosecutions

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers provide advice to both private clients and government owned entities on disputes and dispute resolutions relating to an extensive variety of commercial and private matters including in connection with:

  • Property and leasing rights and obligations

  • Financial contracts

  • Building contracts

  • WorkCover claims

  • Insolvency

  • Injunctions and restraining orders

  • Industrial court actions


We have participated successfully in mediation to settle disputes arising under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.  We have also successfully facilitated resolution of disputes by mediation.​


We have acted in proceedings in the High Court, Supreme Court, District Court, Local Court, Federal Court, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and Consumer Trader & Tenancy Tribunal.